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no more boring toast for breakfast!

this happened about 3 weeks ago:

toasted two slices of bread and then:
adventurous me: now what?
lazy me: how about some spicy sauces for freeze?
adventurous me: that’s it?
lazy me: what do mean that’s it? its maggie ketch up and sweeet tamarind chutney! what more?
adventurous me: but that’s just bread and sodium, pretty much!
lazy me: how about some sliced onions?
adventurous me: caramelized or raw?
lazy me: raw, of course!
adventurous me: that’s it? no protein?
lazy me: bread has protein
adventurous me: but only 6g between two slices
lazy me: ok! add some veggie mozzarella cheese
adventurous me: hot toast and cold ingredients? seems yucky
lazy me: damn…..put it in microwave
adventurous me (after 1.5 min): no fat? no cholesterol?
lazy me: what???
adventurous me: u gotta have a wholesome breakfast
lazy me: God….get 1/2 tsp of butter and put in top of top bread and continue microwaving
adventurous me: now u r talking

lazy me: time to eat
adventurous me: whoa….won’t u cut that thing in half….one for me and one for you? and how about that pic for FB?
lazy me feeds the adventurous me and then shoots adventurous me.