[vegetarian cook's diary]

Thoughts on cooking!

Cooking is like yoga.

The more you learn, the more there is to explore.  Once you expert one part of cooking, there is another level to master. Keeps you grounded.

Once you mastered a dish, you will want to master more,

then the want to master the technique, then all,

then to understand were that food is coming from,

then with your hands you want to grow,

then that piece of earth will become friend of you,

then want to cook something to cure you,

then want to cook not just for buds, but something spiritual


So, this is a journey

that starts with mac n cheese OR khichdi

graduating from cook to chef to the greatest chef

full of self exploration and taking care of oneself

connecting with the others

for some even with “God”

a journey that might outlast lifetime

So, a journey…in which you will learn more and more about you and the surroundings and the local community and awaken the creative self in you. While there is no particular order in any of these will happen and neither will these happen in sequence.


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