[vegetarian cook's diary]

This Blog!!

Through this blog, the intent is to byte the journey and the adventures along the way.  Currently, I am in the town of exploring the various food and some cooking.

Here I will be sharing some of the food I have enjoyed, cooked, or tried to cooked. For the convenience, I have split my posts into two major categories based on whether I have cooked/tried to cooked or whether it was the dish prepared by someone else:

location>on the road: food I enjoyed while traveling or while dining out

location>in my kitchen: my experiments while cooking – here I will be presenting what I did and not the recipe. For e.g. instead of saying “add salt to taste”, it would be “added 1tsp salt”.

Besides sharing/documenting what I tried with cooking, I will also try to do some food photography. Hence, a photoblogging theme for this blog.


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