[vegetarian cook's diary]

Food Photography

Even tho a cliche, pictures are worth thousand words. It always amazed me how the food gets presented in the cook books. The recipes I am sure to never even think about, sometimes look appealing in those pictures. While the intent in those books is to sell them or create a quick impression for the potential buyers. Nothing like that is intent here. However, it does make you wonder the role of visual appeal in whether you will try a dish or not.

While I don’t intent to get into food photography, it does help in thinking about garnishing and when trying to figure out what to do with what’s in the refrigerator.

This isn't the pic of my phone...kinda tough to take pic of phone with that phone.

Anyway, unless specified, all the pictures taken for the dishes I made will be taken using my cell phone (so much for food photography, you say!), which Samsung Reclaim with nice 2.0MP camera. All the pics taken using this camera are tagged SPH-M520 because I am assuming this phone will not last forever or I am assuming that I will continue with this blog/cooking beyond the life-span of this phone. Below are the camera specs on this phone as per Duotone theme of WordPress and the pic from fellow WordPress.com blogger, Laura Seymour.

Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 3.27mm
Shutter: 1/120 sec
Camera: SPH-M560

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